How to Spice Up Your Nights with Bold Foreplay with Outcall Service Madrid

Just like before any strenuous physical exercise, it is essential to get all warmed up. It is also important to indulge in excellent and bold foreplay before having sex. Foreplay is undoubtedly excellent, so why not extend this pre-sex fun exercise to the extreme? Outcall Escorts in Madrid know a lot of sexy things that can make your sex as well as foreplay experience.

Know yourself Better.

Usually, men take control of the entire sex process. However, when it comes to foreplay, it becomes more interesting when the lady starts taking control and teases you. The Outcall Escorts girl makes you feel good about yourself and lets you know how sexy they are. They can also give you a striptease by raising her mini skirt above her thighs and then removing her fishnet stockings, running her hands all along her calves as she pulls them down.
How can’t it make you go crazy for her? You can even try playing a game like strip poker with them. This will encourage sexual arousal and make the erotic foreplay process more enjoyable.
They can even make you dance all around the place, with her being the element of attraction. And with our call girls at your place, they will break the spontaneity and make you move around the place and initiate arousals from every corner of the house.

Outcall Escorts in Madrid Does not Stop Exploring.

The Outcall Service girls know how to explore you and your body parts. They will make the best eye contact with you while undressing or kissing you, or they can even blindfold you and make things interesting. When you cannot see her, it enhances your other senses, and when she touches your neck, stomach, or body part, you start feeling it more intensely. They do not stop here only.
To take things to the next level, they can hold an ice cube in their mouth and work their way down your body. The icy cold sensation with a slight touch of their lips will drive you crazy. The Madrid Outcall Escort Services use various ways before jumping straight into the sex process.

Do the Unexpected.

It happens many times that the same boring sex can make you feel tired, and you might lose your interest in it. So, our service girls make sure to switch things up for you. They might go for lighting up candles instead of those boring lights, or they will play a sex playlist with you to raise your interest. The call girls will get down on the floor and flaunt all their curves to heat things.
They can even use sex toys during foreplay. For example, they will play with the vibrator, intimidate you and lure you towards them by moaning and giving you sexy looks. Not only this, their words of appreciation will make you feel more connected, increasing the intensity of orgasm.

Delve Deep Into Your Desires

Have you heard of footsie? Our Call Girls play footsie with you, wearing high heels and running down the side of their foot down your calf. They control you while you gaze at her and let her do whatever she wishes. They have this special walk where she shows off her curves by swaying her hips from side to side. This will surely drive your attention toward her and make things interesting for whatever comes next.
Oh! They might even play the whisper game, where she slowly speaks something dirty into your ear, flicks the inside of your ear with the tip of her wet tongue, and then gently takes the earlobe between her teeth. One more game that you can try out is getting warmer.
You can choose any erogenous body part that turns you on and let her touch you all around. As she moves her hand over your body you can direct her moves by saying ‘getting colder’ or getting hotter verbal tips. These foreplay games will send shivers down your spine every single time.

Outcall Services Know the Tricks

The girls here are trained enough to know the best kissing techniques. They will seduce you by kissing your neck, ear, and lips while running down their lips to your penis. They ensure you get that sensual feeling as she touches your body with her lips and tongue. They ensure the most satisfactory experience by heating things significantly. They will role-play with you. Whatever comes to your mind, tell them and watch how they get into the character.
The girls here are confident in their jobs. While they love it when you take charge, they also like to see you craving to get them in bed. They will remove one item from their body and play with you. They’ll let you touch her only when she feels like it; she might even tie your hands until your urge to have sex reaches the maximum level. Not letting you have what you want straight away will make you want more and more.